Sports Center – Vlasina Lake

Architectural Design

Project details

Floor Area: 980m²
Starting Date:
July 2021
Architectural Project & Solution: 11 weeks
Software Used: Autodesk AutoCAD, 3DS Max, Adobe Photoshop

Sports Center located on one of the most beautiful parts of Serbia, on the Vlasina Plateau at an altitude of 1200m.
Surrounded by nature, mountains and a lake, it is an ideal location for vacations, rest and the preparation of the athletes.

Architectural Project and solution

The Challange

The Sports Center is located on a natural hill above the lake. In order to protect the building from a potential landslide, care had to be taken to provide the terrain with retaining walls. Due to the strong winds in the winter that blow from the direction of the lake, one of the challenges was to design the building so that the part in front is protected from the influence of the wind. Due to the exceptional position of the building, it was necessary to provide a view of the lake from all rooms.

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